Who We Are

Harnessing innovation and expertise, Mike Bubalo Construction Co., Inc. (MBCC) sets the standard for excellence in the construction industry. We bring unparalleled commitment to every project, driven to shape sustainable communities and infrastructure. With decades of experience and a dedicated team of professionals, we offer a wide array of services, including Public Works, Water projects, Sewer systems, Storm Water management, and Habitat Restoration. This comprehensive expertise makes us a trusted partner in building a better tomorrow.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to shape sustainable communities through innovative projects that stand as a testament to delivering exceptional results. We are driven by values of precision, sustainability, and excellence, ensuring every endeavor goes beyond construction to create enduring excellence. With a commitment to building a better tomorrow, we strive to pioneer construction solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients and contribute to the vitality of the communities we serve.


Proudly collaborating with industry-leading partners, MBCC elevates construction excellence through valued alliances in every project journey.

Meet Our Team

Our team is the backbone of our success – a collective of seasoned professionals who are experts in engineering, project management, and industry intricacies. With a wealth of experience, dedication, and passion for excellence, our team ensures every project is meticulously executed, reflecting our commitment to precision and innovation in the construction industry.

Dave Sorem

President and General Manager of Mike Bubalo Construction Co., Inc

He brings a wealth of experience, having served as Project Manager at Steve Bubalo Construction Co., Inc. His expertise encompasses project management, estimating, and engineering, with a background as a Civil Engineer III/Section Head at the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works.

Brian Rickey

Project Manager for Mike Bubalo Construction Co., Inc.

He specializes in project management and engineering for large construction projects. With prior experience at the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works, Geotechnical & Materials Engineering Division, he served as a Section Head/Materials Engineer, contributing valuable insights to materials engineering.

Brad Sorem

Project Coordinator for Mike Bubalo Construction Co., Inc.

He oversees project scheduling, permit review, submittals, loss control, and procurement for construction projects. His multifaceted role ensures efficient project coordination and adherence to quality standards.

John Sarna

General Superintendent for Mike Bubalo Construction Co., Inc.

He is entrusted with the project supervision of various flood control facilities. His responsibilities span new construction, rehabilitation, and emergency repairs, reflecting his extensive experience and expertise in overseeing diverse construction endeavors.

Constructing Tomorrow, Building Beyond Boundaries

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